Scott Fehrenbacher
Author, Speaker, Consultant

Scott Fehrenbacher is a recognized national expert on the faith-based marketplace and about the faith-based consumer. With broad experience in the "business of faith" Scott understands the landscape, the history, and the nuances of the market.

Scott can provide you the information and services you are looking for when you seek an expert in how business can interact with faith:

  • Scott can advise you on marketing and distribution plans for products aimed at the faith-based consumer
  • Scott can give independent analysis and recommendations on how to increase revenue streams and decrease expenses as a faith-based non-profit organization
  • Scott can deliver a motivating, challenging, and fresh speech at your conference event that your attendees will embrace
  • Scott can provide you the convenient and experienced media expert you may be looking for when completing your story on the faith-based marketplace.
  • Scott can make a valuable contribution to your publication as an experienced and accomplished writer
Scott Fehrenbacher
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